A-Z tips for a creative day

Always create something. Don’t let the day slip by without spending at least 5 minutes stretching those creative muscles! Simply spending a few minutes drawing a quick sketch, taking a few photos, or messing around in Adobe Illustrator can keep your skills sharp.

Be aware of your surroundings – you never know when something might inspire your next masterpiece.

Cook something you’ve never made before. Maybe open up one of those old cookbooks to a random page and make whatever is there, or try to create your own recipe. I love to attempt (key word, attempt) to recreate meals from my favorite restaurants.

Declutter your house and workplace. A clean environment can relieve stress.

Enjoy your morning coffee without distractions. Take this time to relax and let yourself wake up.

Find an every day object and design something inspired by that object.

Get outside! The great outdoors are full of inspiration!

Hang out with a creative friend. Community is so important to maintain motivation and inspiration.

Invite people over for dinner.

Join an exercise class. Staying healthy is important to stay in every aspect of life – even creativity.

Kill time by reading or journaling rather than mindlessly scrolling through social media.

Listen to an album you’ve never heard before.

Make an A-Z list  Trust me, it’ll really stretch your brain!

Never discount your less-than-amazing creations – their job is to teach you what doesn’t work so your next piece turns out better.

Open up your sketchbook and draw your surroundings.

Pick out a movie you’ve never heard of.

Quiet time is important too. If you never get away from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life you may find yourself in a creative slump. Spending time alone allows you to refresh your mind.

Read. Read challenging books, romance books, biographies, thrillers, and everything in between . Let yourself get immersed in another world.

Stay positive. Even if you hate everything you make that day, it doesn’t mean you’re not incredibly talented.

Try an entirely new medium. Pick up a paint brush, chalk pen, or clay and see what you can come up with! You may end up finding a new niche!

Use some time throughout the day to do something you truly enjoy, even if it’s not on the to-do list.

Value your work. Everything you create is a piece of you and deserves to be appreciated.

Write down ideas as soon as they come! Never expect to remember it later, because you probably won’t.

eXpress yourself through your clothing. Wear that outfit that you’re unsure about and just own it.

Yearn for more. Never stop learning and yearning for more knowledge and inspiration.

Zone out. Oftentimes our best ideas come to us while day dreaming.

Katelyn Orum