First thing's first

Welcome to the Kate Orum Designs official blog! Here I will be posting design inspiration, tutorials, and things that simply motivate me to be creative, because I want to motivate all of YOU to be creative! Here I will share the good, the bad, and the ugly of chasing a creative and inspired lifestyle.

“Creativity is intelligence having fun”

– Albert Einstein –

The first thing you need to know is this – One doesn’t have to identify as being creative to be creative. In fact, Walt Disney got fired from a newsroom for nothing other than lack of creativity. It isn’t about knowing how to work with paint or the ability to make a paper mache masterpiece. Being creative is allowing oneself to make mistakes, to learn from those mistakes, and to share our creations (both good and bad) with others. Being creative is putting personal touches on things so that they’re out of the ordinary. Being creative is an essential part of this life.

Imagine this – a world without creativity. Every morning, the entire population would wake up at the same time, wear the same clothes, eat the same breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Every person would drive the same car to the same job at the same time (oy, imagine the traffic jams). There would be no music or variation in the buildings. No lattes, books, or sports. …I’m thinking you get the idea, this world needs creative outlets and freethinking minds – that’s where you and I come in!

Jon Foreman said it best, “You are the art. Your words, your haircut, your clothes, your actions – these display your unique blend of past and present, desire and lack thereof, insecurity and purpose. You are the painting, and everyday you’re painting yourself and the world around you. Every moment is a canvas waiting to come to life. The walls of this planet and the walls of your heart are still available to graffiti artists everywhere. There’s still room for redemptive, honest, hopeful colors. You put the brush to canvas with every decision, with every breath. We are the human race.”

Join me as I learn, teach, explore, and experience varying aspects of art and design. I want to push myself creatively alongside others!

Katelyn Orum