Kate Orum Designs - Journey so far

Where have we been, where are we going? 

As many of you know, I have recently cut back from being a full-time supervisor at Starbucks to working just Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. This way I can focus Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday on all things “Kate Orum Designs.” And Sunday’s I’ll keep as the day of rest. :)! I want to start by saying how grateful I am for all the support I have received so far! I  have been asked a lot of questions on how things have been going since I’ve made this step, so I figured I’d write a little update on how things are going, and what is underway for KOD.

They say starting your own business is hard, and whoever “they” are didn’t lie.  There have been lots of challenges I didn’t expect, and lots of ones I did expect. More importantly though, there has been lots of triumph and excitement as well! Thanks to friends, family, and my awesome community of Snoqualmie-ites (Snoqualmians?), I’ve been able to keep a consistent flow of projects and clients since beginning this journey. That being said, I am still very new to the freelance, and am often overwhelmed, but everyone has been so understanding and I have already learned so much.

Now, for the more exciting part! I am working hard on designing a brand new website with all new design pricing information, an updated and newly organized portfolio, and most excitingly, a shop! I’m wanting to have fun digital downloads and prints available for you purchase. I am hoping to even include a way to order my designs on t-shirts, mugs, phone cases, etc. This is where you guys come in! I’m wondering what types of things you’d all like to see in this shop? I have lots of ideas of my own, but would love any input! I’m thinking anywhere from cute kid’s room prints, to “Fixer Upper”-ish pieces you could hang in your living room, to funny mugs and t-shirts. I’ll probably even post some of my own hands on (as in non-digital) art work that’s more of a one-of-a-kind type of deal.

A more boring, but imporant update: I may be adjusting prices soon as I just made sa pricing-sheet up to get started without doing much research on what I should be charging (oops!). However, as always you will know beforehand what you can expect to spend and I appreciate the patience and understanding as I get this nailed down.

Anyway, all of this to say things are going great, and I am excited to see where else this takes me! Thanks for the continued support! Please like and Share my facebook page, and follow along on instagram.

Katelyn Orum